New Mexico's Audiophile Reference

Hello, I am Brian Herndon owner of Herndon Audio in Albuquerque NM.  My goal is to give you the best sound for your audio dollar.  For over 16 years, I worked at Hudson’s Audio Center in Albuquerque, the premier Hi Fi store in Albuquerque from 1994 to 2010. I have been passionate about music reproduction in Stereo and Audio systems for many years.  I am an electrical engineer and have a music background. I  have played drums and percussion for over 30 years.  My wife also plays cello and bass so I have a very good appreciation of what real acoustic instruments sound like.  I then try to reproduce that sound through the systems I sell no matter the price range.

We also try to attend most of the yearly hi-fi shows across the country and are constantly comparing products.  We are discerning about what we offer, and only carry the audio/video products that we personally would (and do) own, and that we have observed in order to represent the highest performance-to-dollar ratio for every given price point.  We are extremely proud of our product line and invite you to compare it to anything else on the market

Check out our products page and then contact us for an audition of the finest sounding audio systems.  Be sure to bring some of your favorite CDs, Records, or Digital files and discover the sounds and nuances in your music that you have never heard before.  Thanks for listening.